What a Difference $6000 makes!!!!

Last October Dr Claire Shanahan was a club guest speaker and relayed her experiences in central southern Ghana. Our Club decided to contribute to her vision of having an artesian bore and pump supplied to 6 communities surrounding the one she was in. A few months and $6000 later, the several hundred strong Asumpaso community in Ghana has finally had a major dream come true – clean water in the village for the first time.

No longer do the women and children have to trek several kilometres a day carrying containers of water on their heads to supply their family needs, more children will be spared unnecessary suffering and even death – and all for the price of a modest second hand car in Australia.

The remaining 5 wells needed in the area are being planned as a joint project with Rotary Club of Accra West and the Rotary Club of Darwin. This will take a couple of months to organise but the water is now definitely flowing……..IMG_20150408_163322 IMG_20150408_163407 IMG_20150408_163909

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