Rotary 29th Northern Territory Police Officer of the Year

POOTY Award 2020 Government House
Constable 1st Class Jacqueline Nicholson receiving her award from Her Honour The Honourable Vicki O’Halloran Administrator Northern Territory and President of Rotary Club of Darwin Mr Paul Simon.
Constable Nicholson was presented her award on the 9th July 2020 at a reception hosted by The Administrator at Government House. Constable Nicholson was recognised for her exceptional community service that she provides in her role as a Hospital based Community Police Officer. Constable Nicholson is the 29th Northern Territory Police Officer to receive this prestigious award.

President Paul Simon’s Speech:

Presentation 2020 POOTY Award

Rotary Club of Darwin President Paul Simon

Her Honour, the Honourable Vicki O’Halloran, Administrator of the Northern Territory and Mr Craig O’Halloran, Deputy Commissioner Murray Smalpage, previous award recipients, Distinguished Guests, Northern Territory Police Officers, family, friends and Rotarians.

May I start by first thanking Her Honour for hosting this reception. We’ve maintained a long and supportive relationship with Government House and it’s pleasing to have Her Honour allow us to yet again utilise this grand residence for this auspicious occasion.

I’d also like to impart how proud we all are at the Rotary Club of Darwin to have this direct association with the Police Officer of the Year award, which is now in its 29th year. The fact that the award has both achieved and since maintained the exceptional status it has in our community is a testament to the high quality of the police awardees over the years and our club’s determination to ensure the award is perpetuated. It is, of course, not the only activity of our club and I’m very proud to note that we contribute significant funds, resources and of course, our member’s time and effort each year to charitable causes locally, nationally and throughout the world as part of the Rotary International organisation.

But now – to the very reason we are all gathered here and that is to

announce the 29th Police Officer of the Year. It gives me great pleasure to announce that person is:

Constable 1st Class Jacqueline Nicholson!

Fortunately this year, our 2020 award winner, Constable 1st Class Jacqueline Nicholson, is available to attend and receive her award and the associated accolades in person. (Please come to the front)

Constable Nicholson is a highly regarded Police Officer and she’s worked in the NT Police Force since 2009. Jacquie took a 3-year break from February 2015 through to January 2018 when she then re-joined the Force. Constable 1st Class Nicholson has also received the ‘150 years of Policing in the Northern Territory’ Group citation.

I should note that there were many quality individual nominations this year specifically for Constable Nicholson to become Police Officer of the Year and this is because she’s made such a strong impact with those with whom she works most closely – the Darwin community attending Royal Darwin Hospital.

Constable 1st Class Nicholson is currently posted to the ‘Hospital Based Constable Unit’ to provide a contact between the Department of Health and the Northern Territory Police Force. She performs the role of assisting investigations for both remote and local Police where the offenders or victims are in-patients at Royal Darwin Hospital.

Policing duties within the RDH precinct also include dealing with traffic issues, stealing and unfortunately assaults against patients and the attendant health staff. Her high level of customer service and commitment has been recognised as both exceptional and truly inspiring by RDH staff.

It’s exactly these sorts of attributes which have made Constable 1st Class Nicholson stand out from a very strong field of other nominations this year. Comments received from nominees include “Jacqueline is firm but has a lot of respect for patients and visitors.” “She’s friendly, honest and reliable and always manages a smile.” “She deals with conflict with a positive outcome”.

Clearly, Constable Nicholson’s passion for supporting RDH staff with challenging situations and her passion for victims within the hospital system demonstrate so clearly why we chose her for this prestigious award.

Constable Nicholson demonstrates to us all that our police force has got it right in the way it develops and inculcates its members, ensuring they can be placed in positions of trust and responsibility, confident in the knowledge they’ve been given every opportunity to succeed.

I should also note that the continued popularity of this award is again reflected in the large number of nominations we received from the community generally. That too is a sound reflection on the calibre of our Police Force in the Northern Territory.

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Darwin, I also wish to take this opportunity to thank our major supporter, Channel 9, for advertising the Police Officer of the Year nomination process. Their continuing support over the years has been second to none.

Four years ago, our Committee developed a new perpetual award that transcends the traditional ‘trophy’. For this purpose, we now offer a bespoke piece of artwork by Mr Reggie Sultan of Barrow Creek.

Reggie is an Indigenous artist who has prepared a wonderful montage of ‘typical’ policing in the outback through the ages. We believe this award exemplifies, indeed, typifies the broad, complex and often sensitive duties our Police have undertaken over the ages and continue to do so today. It stands as a permanent testament to their dedication to duty and to the public.

Lastly, I’d again like to recognise the kind donation of this painting by Mr Bob Biddlecombe who owned the Nightcliff Police Station property from October 1974 through to 2010 where this artwork was kept.

I now ask Her Honour to present the 2020 Rotary Club of Darwin Police Officer for the Year Award to Constable 1st Class Jacqueline Nicholson.
Thank You!

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