New Board and Directors 2020-21

RCD Board 2020-2021Firstly note:
District Governor: Merewyn Wright (will visit us later this year)
Assistant Governor: (our very own) Ray Fauntleroy
Vice President (President Elect): Erik Vandenberg
Secretary: John Palamountain
Treasurer: Dave McHugh
Community Service Director: Wayne Taylor
Club Service Director: Tony Francis 
Youth Director: Mick Myers
International/National/Foundation Director: Grant Lindsay
Membership/Administration Director: Erik Vandenberg

Last saturday evening members and partners (and one future member and partner) gathered at the Oaks Elan for our Annual Changeover Dinner. With nearly 70 in attendance it was a great evening, outgoing President Barry reviewed the year and made a number of awards to Club members, his speech follows (and we still finished on time ?

“Good evening fellow Rotarians and partners. Thank you for being here tonight. Thank you for your support of me, as your Rotary Club of Darwin President, and all things Rotary during this unprecedented year of challenges both locally and globally.

A quick review of the year that was:

June 2019 to June 2020
Renovation of the Rotary Showgrounds Shed.
Thanks go to:
Dom Fracaro , Steve Jose, Charlie Dickman and John Hardy for their plant and equipment donations and a huge thank-you to all Rotarians who gave up their free time to provide the manpower.
Chocolate Wheel
I wish to acknowledge Colin West of Total Event Services for providing our new upgraded sound system and Tony Moranda security services helping make the Wheel another successful fundraiser in 2019. Thanks to all members and partners who helped during the hot dusty days of this great local event.
Thanks too to our newest of spriukers on the microphone – Aiden McCaw, he is a natural at this job and let’s hope he agrees to do it again in 2021.
Hole in One
This fundraiser was rapidly becoming a popular event before the Covid crisis. Thanks to Hugh and his team, let’s hope 2021 brings even more success.
Thanks Wayne Taylor for this great night in 2019 where we also presented in person, a Paul Harris Fellowship award to Ian Jackson.

Board meetings
Board Meeting Venue this year was courtesy of Kerry Holden – the perfect place for our meetings. I hope the Board members enjoyed my home cooked ‘meat pies and tomato sauce’! Thanks Kerry and Leon Cleal for making this possible.

Other Rotarians who have contributed much to our Club in this past year in the form of community events we engaged in pre Covid 19 including:
Meet the Candidates – Peter Hopton and Alister Lindsay
Cruise for a Cause – Dan Leather
Oz Day Ute Run – Aiden McCaw
Surf Life Saving – Aiden McCaw
Defibrillators – Tony Francis
EftPOS initiative – Korbi

Rotary members could also be found providing manpower to :
Drag meetings
Run with Dad
Ride like a Girl
Variety Club Santa fun run
Darwin High School awards
Southern Cross Kids Camp

Major Donations this year went to:
RAWCS Bush Fire Appeal
Skipping NT
Timor Leste projects
Athletics NT
St John Ambulance cadets
Board of Studies English Literary and History awards
Australian Rotary Health
Rotary Foundation
Riding for the Disabled
Bong Lai Orphanage Vietnam … amongst others

Grateful thanks go to the Sergeants this year that kept us all entertained and fleeced us of our spare change:
John Brears
Peter Hopton
Jim Grierson

Back in July a I instigated a questionnaire which was circulated to all members to gather feedback and ideas from you all on ways we can move the club forward into the future. Topics covered included functions, speakers, fundraising, new members and future direction. The information gathered was excellent and I am hopeful the next board will use the collated info to further improve our Club.

New members welcomed to the Club this year were numerous and have helped make it one of the Club’s most successful years for membership recruitment. Let’s do our best to retain these 10 good keen blokes.
Korbi Rohrbach
Tom Parker–Huck
Matthew Littlejohn
Kevin Wrigley
Jeremy O’Donaghue
Anthony Lenz
Andrew Gillespie
Scott Bailey
Dan Leather
Job Pastor

Odin – our exchange student. A huge thanks to each of our host families for taking great care of this very personable young manand we wish him all the best for the future.
We have had an interesting year of guest speakers from many industries, backgrounds and genres. Thanks to the team for such a variety of topics and fascinating discussions.

Ann and I attended several functions under the umbrella of Rotary Club President and enjoyed each and every event

I hope you have all enjoyed your year with me as your unlikely President. Our Zoom meetings rapidly became legendary with great camaraderie and fellowship amongst those members who logged on. It was just great to have former members Chris Tuck and Ian Jackson log on and join in some fellowship and banter as well. My thanks to Tony Francis for his support behind the scenes with this new age technology.
These on line meetings were excellent and kept us connected as a club in a way I did not expect. You can all look forward to Barry’s Birthday Bash in December again this year, along with our partners’ nights and new plus old well established projects going forward into 2020/2021 under Paul’s leadership.

Finally I would like to thank each member of this year’s Board. Guys without your support, advice and mateship, I could not have made this year the success it has been:
Please stand when I say your name and accept this small token of my appreciation for your support and dedication to the Rotary Club of Darwin.
Treasurer – Bob Cowling
Secretary – John Palamountain
International – Grant Lindsay
Communications and Bulletin Editor – John Hardy
Community Service – Wayne Taylor
Youth – Mick Myers
Club Service and membership – Tony Francis
As well, as with all Rotary Presidents, partner support is vital and I thank Ann for her support, encouragement, ideas, patience and especially her editing and speech writing skills.

Board members, please all come forward now as I have a few words to say about each of you.

John Palamountain…as secretary this man excels. He is passionate about keeping our club affairs in 100% order and very little is overlooked by John as he is an excellent, committed organiser who relishes all things Rotary. Thanks John, I really appreciate your efforts and I hope you enjoy this medicine!

John Hardy…as bulletin editor John really excelled and I looked forward to his great meeting reports full of dry humour and writing talents. You could have easily been a successful writer or journalist! John, thank you once again for a huge effort as a great bulletin editor and communications director…here is a small token of our appreciation. Enjoy!

Mick M…as Youth director, Mick has always done a fabulous job…he has a handle on all things to do with youth matters especially the education section using his extensive experience as an accomplished career educator. Mick, thank you and I trust you will enjoy this tipple.

Bob Cowling….perhaps the hardest, stressful and most time-consuming detailed job of all…club treasurer…Bobby carries this portfolio off with aplomb…thanks again Bob and I trust you enjoy this small token of all of our appreciation.

Grant Lindsay…as International director, Grant always carries off this complicated portfolio with enthusiasm and expertise. The community and peoples who are the recipients of our funding are indebted. Grant, here is a small gift of thanks for doing a splendid job from all.

Paul Simon…as our President in waiting, Paul, you bring your fine organisational skills to our club and continue to give your many intelligent ideas and insights to our club. I hope you enjoy this gift and savour it as you contemplate your year ahead.

2019/2020 Changeover Dinner

Hugh Bradley… we all thank you for your valuable contribution to the healthy financial position of the club as you have proven year after year how to run a very successful hole in one competition…which is also a lot of fun. I also acknowledge all Rotarians who have helped Hugh out. Hugh, here is an award for you on behalf of the club…the very prestigious Paul Harris Fellow Sapphire Award.

Peter Davies… we also thank you for your valuable contribution to the very successful running of the club last term as President…you ran a tight ship. It is also great to see you back at the club after your long holiday. I would also like to acknowledge your team, your board members as they helped you immensely in their own ways.
Peter, here is an award for you on behalf of the club…the very prestigious Paul Harris Fellow Award.

John Palamountain… we also thank you for your hard work and passion for your enduring role as secretary. Without you the club would be on shakey ground much of the time. John, you turned me down for accepting a Paul Harris Fellow award as you graciously told me “no way Baz I’ve got enough of them anyway!”…thank you John for the support you have given the club and to me personally this past term.

Wayne Taylor… we all acknowledge the enthusiasm, passion and hard work that Wayne has put into this club despite his work commitments and at the same time looking after his young boys. While you are a relatively new member to the club, Wayne, each year you are with us you always have a great big smile on your face and have many great ideas to move this very successful club forwards. The annual POOTY award is an especially huge task and you always pull this off with style. As a token for your commitment, passion and hard work, I am delighted to present you with the very prestigious Viking award.

Tony Francis… each of us acknowledge this man for his “can-do” attitude for anything that is thrown at him. As a new member of the club he really stands out for his work ethic. I cannot physically list the things that this boy has done over the past year…when asked to do something it gets done effectively and fast…and because of this he gets asked to do alot! You have been a popular and major part of the club’s backbone, Tony… and I am honoured to announce you as Rotarian of the Year.

Finally, it has been my great privilege to represent this very Australian of Clubs, as your President this past year. Please raise your glasses and toast yourselves as the great team who make up the Rotary Club of Darwin.

Thanks again, let’s enjoy our evening and toast the new President Paul and the new Rotary

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