Ladies Long Lunch 2017

Premium charity event with proceeds supporting the
Menzies School of Health Research’s HealthLAB Project

Ladies Long Lunch
The third spectacular went off last Friday. There were nearly 250 people at the event, somewhat down on the previous years but that is the way with the events around town at the moment.
The venue looked great; blue and white was the go as we strived to throw a little bit of Greek overlay onto the usual fun. The theme was followed through with the food, again with Greek influence and of course with one of our headline acts, Mary Coustas or Effie as she is better known.
Further on the Greek theme, local real estate agent and auctioneer Toni Kostas ran a magnificent auction; sharp, precise and full of competitive fun. I’m not Greek, she claimed in her introduction, I just married one. followed after a short dramatic pause by “so I have a bit of Greek in me”. That brought the house down.
That was later in the day. Earlier, we heard of the work done by HealthLAB from Heidi Smith Vaughan who has done a sterling job keeping the lab going and who is enthusiastic in her praise for your work as well. She and others of the HealthLAB team were on hand to take the guests through the routine of assessing their health and lifestyle factors. It didn’t seem to diminish enthusiasm for the food and drink on offer though.

Dr Donna Odegaard was our keynote speaker and as an accomplished COE (Aboriginal Broadcasting Australia) and Larrakia woman, spoke eloquently about matters ranging from the Kenbi Land claim to the tricky matter of running a growing corporation as a woman. Inspiring.

Effie captures a crowd and this occasion was no exception. In a short time she had the guests laughing and with a mixture of humour and good old Greek logic went through the travails of being as young Greek girl in a cruel world. She was followed by Mary Coustas who managed to rein in some of the wilder Effie statements and spend some time answering great questions after giving an account of her own battles with motherhood.
The entertainment for the day finished with an extremely poor and uncoordinated attempt by aged and infirm Rotarians who embarrassed themselves and others by staggering around on stage out of time with some Greek music. At least they got a laugh.
That was the end of the day really but a mention of the fundraising is needed as well. The auction was, as mentioned earlier, competitive and fun. There was spirited bidding for all items, particularly the table made at Studio Hbb and the terrific accommodation package provided by Peter McMillan and Heather Brown at their brand new Pondok cocoa learning retreat near Ubud in Bali. In a real surprise, Effie donated four tickets to her show and they went for a massive $600.

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