Electronic Make-Up Meeting

Revised procedure for a make up on the Internet for those who wish to so do.
Go to Google just type rotaryeclubone. When page is displayed click on Rotary eCLUB ONE – Always meeting.When page displayed click on’make-up programs’ in the grey box at top of page.A list of programs will be displayed then spend 30 minutes or more reading programs and viewing videos.Keep a note of the programs you view and the time on each – you will be asked about them later.After completing your reading or viewing click on ‘request make-up’ grey box at the top of the programs page.

When page is displayed make a contribution or not (you don’t have to make a donation) make sure you click on ‘request make-up form’ – provide your details and remember to give Jim’semail details jimgrierson@me.com and a copy will be sent to him .

Use the American date format Month, Day, Year.

Remember to click ‘submit’ at the bottom of the page,

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