Our Members

Our youngest member is in his 30s, our oldest member is in his late 80’s. In between are over 50 of us who vary in age.

We were all once fine, fit specimens of men. Sadly for some of us, that era is coming to an end, or has already arrived! But our community spirit is undiminished. Each Rotary year our members contribute over 7,500 hours of voluntary effort supporting Rotary and Rotary projects in our community, as well as in other parts of the Territory and overseas.

We continually encourage younger people to join and their membership enhances our activities.

On average some 20% of our membership turns over each year. Darwin has always been that sort of place. However, more of us are electing to retire here now.

While a few of us are retired, the big majority continue to work and are leading figures in their respective industries. Many of our guests have told us that they’ve never seen a club that has so much fun. We do like to laugh!


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