2017 Chocolate Wheel

And so, another year gone.  The 56th Chocolate Wheel[1] has been and gone (except for the cleaning up, pulling down and washing of used shirts and aprons – any volunteers?).

This year saw a slight slowdown on the past few years, due to a number of factors including low attendance by the public at the Show, shortage of sellers on Thursday, and early finish times each night.  Still, a total of 765 spins, compared to 835 last year, is not to be sneezed at, bringing in a healthy return.

Over the three days, we gave away 36 prizes, including 17 bikes, which is a record number.

By 0940 on Thursday we were all set, with sellers chafing at the bit to get going, as you can see in the photo.

The action got underway shortly after 1000 and things went slowly at first, which was just as well as we were all a bit rusty, especially the Nerve Centre (below) – well it had been 12 months since we had done this. As usual, several wives and partners, sons and daughters and grandchildren helped out. And, of course, our exchange student Julia from Brazil. Apart from old hands such as Lachlan Lindsay, we also welcomed new blood, including John Hardy’s granddaughters. 









Leonie made her debut as a Recorder and within a few spins had it down pat, like a veteran. Jim is a long term worker.  Together they ran the Nerve Centre for two shifts, and kept the sellers honest.

By the end of the first spin, the team had oiled the hinges and away we went. In the photo below we see sellers at the end of a spin waiting for the Shift Boss to call the winning number.

On Friday morning, we welcomed four members of the Interact Club of Darwin Middle School – Lithira (outgoing Vice President of Interact), William and Lotus (outgoing President) and Fleur Liveris (not in this photo).  Thank you for your valuable help, kids (am I allowed to still use that word?)

Next week, when the dust has settled completely and the number-crunchers have done their thing, we hope to be able to present a full report but at this stage, I am reliably informed that we banked in excess of $40,000.

A big thank you and well done to all concerned with the planning, organising and running of this year’s Chocolate Wheel – and a gentle nudge to any members who weren’t.  Particularly I note Charlie for his organisation of the setting up and refurbishment of the physical paraphernalia that makes it all work, and Ben who stepped in to replace me as the organiser of all the admin muck that needs doing. 

Thanks to Ray, Vic and Andy for the photos, and to Ray for the numbers provided.

[1] Our official club history, compiled by the late Iain “Wondrous” Smith, shows  the first one was run in 1962.


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