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We were the first and we are still the largest Rotary club in the Northern Territory.

We are very active in both community and international projects, most of which are ‘hands on’, requiring a significant level of commitment by members. But we also believe in Fellowship and enjoying Rotary, which is reflected in our meetings which are relaxed with members enjoying the comradeship.

Visitors are always made welcome at our meetings and we have visitors from around Australia and overseas  So please feel free to join us on Thursday evenings at our regular venue The Novotel Atrium hotel on the Esplanade.

Please feel free to learn more about us by exploring our award winning website.

Enjoy your Rotary.

Jeff Swann



Articles of Interest

2017 Chocolate Wheel

And so, another year gone.  The 56th Chocolate Wheel[1] has been and gone (except for the cleaning up, pulling down and washing of used shirts and aprons – any volunteers?).

This year saw a slight slowdown on the past few years, due to a number of factors including low attendance by the public at the Show, shortage of sellers on Thursday, and early finish times each night.  Still, a total of 765 spins, compared to 835 last year, is not to be sneezed at, bringing in a healthy return.

Over the three days, we gave away 36 prizes, including 17 bikes, which is a record number. Read more…

Changeover Dinner

Out with the Old – in with the New!

Saturday 03 June 2017. 1800 for 1830. Foreshore Cafe, Nightcliffe. Be there.

And we were, for the changeover of presidency from Mark “Fingers” Taylor to Jeff “Speak Up” Swann.

Over 50 members and guests assembled in the dying hours of the day (sunset for the more pragmatic) to celebrate the end of one Rotary year and to welcome the new. Read more…

Ladies Long Lunch 2017

Premium charity event with proceeds supporting the
Menzies School of Health Research’s HealthLAB Project

Ladies Long Lunch
The third spectacular went off last Friday. There were nearly 250 people at the event, somewhat down on the previous years but that is the way with the events around town at the moment.
The venue looked great; blue and white was the go as we strived to throw a little bit of Greek overlay onto the usual fun. The theme was followed through with the food, again with Greek influence and of course with one of our headline acts, Mary Coustas or Effie as she is better known. Read more…

Police Officer of the Year 2017

Police Officer of the Year (POOTY) Award 2017

The annual Police Officer of the Year Award (POOTY) was established in 1991 by the Rotary Club of Darwin to recognize the challenges police officers face and say a public thank you for a job well done. The Award involves receiving nominations from the community identifying Northern Territory Police Officers in their community who have shown any of the following values.

Courtesy, kindness, understanding, compassion, courage and devotion to duty are key qualities required in police officers in their normal duties and the nomination can be for one or more of these that the officer has shown in a particular act, a series of acts, or demonstrated ongoing professionalism. Any full-time police officer working in any area of the Northern Territory police force is eligible for nomination.

POOTY Award 2017

The 2017 Police Officer of the Year award ceremony was held on Thursday 24th August at Government House. His Honour, the Administrator of the Northern Territory, John Hardy was present and presenting. Of course Marie was there to keep him on track as well.
The recipient for this year was Superintendent Tony Deutrom who, unfortunately, was unable to attend as he was on well-earned leave.  However, in his absence, Police Chaplain Pat King acted as Tony’s proxy and accepted the award on his behalf.  She spoke highly of Supt Deutrom, saying, that the feedback she hears is always positive,  that his people feel he is caring, fair and just, open and supportive.  Given the stress and intensity of policing, Tony looks after his people.

But Tony did return to duty and so on Thursday 2 November, with his wife, Belinda, son, Brandon and daughter-in-law Chantal, was our guest at our usual venue.  President Jeff welcomed our guests and invited Paul Simon, as Chairman of the POOTY Award Committee, to make the presentation on our behalf.

In his address, Paul stated, “This year represents the twenty-sixth time that the Rotary Police Officer of the Year Award has been presented and we always choose our award recipient, without fear of favour, based on the information we receive from the public. This is not a police award, but a community award. To this end, we take no heed of where the award recipient is physically located and in the past, this has meant, on occasion, we’ve had to work feverishly to bring them into Darwin from far afield.  Imagine our surprise when we determined our award recipient for 2017 only to find he was off cruising in Europe/Carribean/ somewhere???”.

He went on to say, “Superintendent Deutrom is a very well respected Commissioned Officer and has worked in the NT Police Force for many years.  He is respected because he has significant practical remote policing experience having been posted at Ntaria (Hermannsburg) and Alyangula. He was OIC of Darwin Police Station and currently is Superintendent of Palmerston and Rural.

The many people who nominated Superintendent Deutrom for Police Officer of the Year did so because they recognized that he is exceptional.  Not only is his experience and capability as a senior Police Officer respected, but his personal attributes and style have also attracted significant comment.”

Commencing last year, the Committee developed a new perpetual award that transcends the traditional ‘trophy’. For this purpose, we now offer a bespoke piece of artwork by Mr Reggie Sultan of Barrow Creek as an enduring personal momento. Reggie is an Indigenous artist who has prepared a wonderful montage of ‘typical’ policing in the outback through the ages. We believe this new award exemplifies the hard work that our Police have achieved over many decades and will stand as a permanent testament to their dedication to duty and to the public.

In his response, Supt Deutrom thanked the club for the award and gave a special thanks to his wife and family for their long-standing support.








Words Paul Simon

Photography Ray Fauntleroy 

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